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Bus Schedule to and from hotels and Yukon College.

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What is the NABE Symposium?

April 28 to May 1, 2014, Adult Education and Literacy experts and practitioners from across North will gather for the first-ever Northern Adult Basic Education (NABE) symposium in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Adult educators perform a vital role, providing northerners with education, training and essential skills that allow them to participate more fully in the labour market.

Come share innovative ideas, research and best practices with your fellow professionals while celebrating the invaluable contribution you and your peers make to improved literacy, knowledge and skills. Learn about unique northern innovations while you foster new professional connections.

NABE Symposium 2014 will be three days of dialogue, learning and sharing that will strengthen and enrich your understanding of ABE and adult learners, and will enhance your own instructional skills and methods.

Symposium Participation

The 2014 NABE Symposium is a closed professional development event for individuals directly responsible for Adult Basic Education in one of the three territorial colleges.

 In addition, the partners recognize that there are others who may benefit from, and contribute to the 2014 NABE Symposium and may be invited to participate, such as governments, non-government organizations (NGOs), First Nation/Inuit/Métis governments and organizations, and providers of adult basic education.

Who Should Attend?

Adult educators. As the front-line workers in this vital field, this conference is all about you! Come learn the latest methods and research in adult basic education, and be prepared to share your own experiences, too.

Speakers/Facilitators. Could you be a guest instructor at the conference? Do you have information that will help others build on their successes? Let us know!

Media. NABE was created in 2011 to ensure that more Northerners could apply for jobs or take further vocational training. As a member of the media, you have a unique platform to help build awareness of and support for this important program. Come hear our stories—and tell them!

Symposium Sponsors. Come see how your investment is helping to achieve your objectives by supporting local economic development.


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